Perfect Flavours 

We strive to discover the most delicious flavours from around the world and where we are not satisfied with the available commercial equivalent of the best of home cooking, we produce it in our small batch specialty production line in the UK so customers can taste the genuine article as it should be, with ease in their homes.


We are passionate about having genuine flavours for dishes as they would taste if you were to travel to that country and taste the food of a good local chef !


We are concerned about are health and stipulate no artificial preservatives or colourings.


We try to find all our products made using fresh ingredients which we believe is at the base of the good flavour of any dish.

Quality assured

All products are vetted extensively for quality of ingredients and flavour.
 We choose our products carefully over a long period of tasting. 
We don't allow any old product to find it's way to the site.
Tasting panel of Chefs include top French and Italian chefs plus other in the country of origin.