Traditional Moroccan Preserved Lemons (330g, 185g net)

Traditional Moroccan Preserved Lemons (330g, 185g net)

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The Marrakesh Limetta is the lemon generally used in Morocco. It is very distinctive with a deep furrow at the end and a nipple extruding from it. It is slightly orange in colour. It is different from the smaller Egyptian lemons, less round to the usual Spanish varieties and often has a strong orange tint to the skin (depending on the harvest time) which is very different to the European and Turkish Meyer lemon.


Preservation takes place over a three month period using a quality local Moroccan sea salt. Slits are cut in to the lemons which are then submerged in brine barrels and checked regularly. At the end of this process they are removed and placed in to a new, clean brine for packing.

We wort the lemons in to sizes by hand and discard any blemished ones. We then wash these lemons and place them in a pasteurised brine mixed with citric acid for food safety ready for jarring.

Moroccan cuisine

The preserved lemon is a key ingredient in Moroccan cuisine.

The sweet lemon juices will mix with the other cooking ingredients creating a delicious lemony sauce. The whole lemons are most commonly used in the standard chicken & olive tagine found throughout Morocco.

  • Freshly picked and fully sun rippened directly before brining
  • A 3 month process removes the bitterness and adds a sweet lemony flavour to your cooking
  • Tagines, couscous, stir-fry, salads, marinades
  • A key ingredient in Moroccan cooking

Recipes using this product

Roast Chicken stuffed with preserved lemons

Chicken, preserved lemon, garlic & coriander tagine

Grilled sea-bass fillet with preserved lemon, rosemary and Thyme


Warning: May contain traces of nuts, sesame or Moluscs 

Marrakesh preserved lemons, sea salt, citric acid

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