Our facility is designed for small batch specialty production where product quality & consistency can be maintained to a high level while still being able to achieve economies of scale and maintaining a high degree of flexibility.
We have experience in preserving specialty sauces in a way to give long shelf life without compromising on fresh tasting original flavours.



Whether you are a small specialty business, struggling to get quantities made in a small kitchen or a larger outfit looking to start some speciality lines without having to outlay large amounts of cash for minimum production runs we can help.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch..



We have designed many products for ourselves and others drawing from wide culinary experience:

Ivor Record: Food Scientist, University of Reading, award winning food innovator, Chef.

Ben Smith: Former head Chef Savoy, London, Food Scientist (University of Reading, product development, shelf life expert, processing strategy expert.

Mark Penne-Stuart: Chef, product development, packaging & branding.

Branding: We work with brand design companies such as “Jones, knowles, Ritchie” but we also do a lot of in-house work. We are used to tying the right recipe/production formula with the right packaging & appropriate labeling.



Current maximum output: 2-3000 units/day


Heated, jacketed mixer, pneumatic volumetric filler, fresh food washing & processing equipment, labeling & batch traceability system, shrink wrapping.

Production area

Polypropylene paneled air tight environment, Pressurized production area, air particle filtration, anti-contaminant system.


Food safety

Registered & inspected
Use of SALSA guidelines
HACCP management system
HACCP Manager: Mark Penne-Stuart
HACCP Advisor: Ben Smith (Food Scientist)
Product liability insurance: 10 million