Initially began exporting Moroccan produce from our base in Casablanca, we now import critical, unique ingredients from Morocco while packing and production is done at our specialty batch facility in the UK. We therefore, are able to keep tight control over quality while still using fresh and authentic ingredients.


We import ingredients that can only be found in Morocco such as the Marrakech preserved lemons and their unfiltered extra virgin olive oil which is essential to producing authentic flavours. We also use fresh ingredients such as fresh garlic and lemon juice which we squeeze in house. This gives a fresh tasting aroma, so dishes can be made at home, quickly, without compromising on quality.


Each product is tailored to genuine Moroccan recipes:


Apricot tagine paste: a classic recipe from Marrakesh and Agadir using fruit.


Lemon tagine paste: general flavours you would find in the classic tagine made with preserved lemons & spices.


Harissa: predominantly chilies and peppers rather than tomatoes We use fresh chillies which are difficult to find all year round in Morocco due to the heat this gives a fresh tasting chilli hit. We keep the recipe simple so it can be used as a dip or as a versatile fresh chilli addition to many other dishes.


Preserved Lemons: We use the authentic Marrakesh limetta which is a hybrid between a lemon and an orange. The lemons are imported then sorted by hand before jarring by hand. When added to dishes the unique flavour mixes with the juices from your dish creating a delicious sauce.


Preserved lemon paste: The same lemons, blended in to a paste. This gives a unique lemon paste to have in your larder which can be used in any dish as an addition or a rub to provide a wonderful lemony flavour.


Ras el Hanout: Our Moroccan spice blend is based on the most common spices used in the Moroccan kitchen, including green cumin which is so loved in Morocco it is even served at the table along with salt and pepper.