A range of cooking sauces based on traditional Moroccan recipes. The uniqueness of these flavour combinations form the basis of the Moroccan classic dishes. They contain authentic ingredients, some imported from Morocco, others fresh to retain that fresh flavour you have with home cooking.


About Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan cuisine has many influences from Arab to Moorish & Berber, which gives it a richness and a depth hard to match. Meal times in Morocco are a sociable affair where the whole family gathers around the table and experiences the meal together. Using a base of meat or fish, and a side dish such as Cous Cous the food is then spiced extensively using the vast range of ingredients available in the local markets in Morocco. The dishes often feature lemons and olives, there is a heavy Mediterranean influence and the overall experience is a fresh tasting dish packed with flavour.




Where possible and necessary we import the products from Morocco such as with the Marrakech lemons which are different to other lemons so we have the genuine article. With the harissa as well, we thought people might want to eat the same one as people do throughout Morocco.

However, as pre-prepared food does not play a large role in Moroccan cuisine; in Moroccan culture, it is necessary for us to produce in small batches some of the pastes so people may enjoy the same dishes as they will find in Morocco without having to learn everything about them. These recipes have been designed with the help of many Moroccan chefs from different parts of the country and tested in Morocco to ensure that they are well received.

All products are made with quality of flavour as the highest priority and we don't cut corners with ingredients.