Born out of love for a good quality Chinese we produced genuine recipes with fresh ingredients that can be made quickly and easily at home. This allows you to take for example, a prime bit of beef from your local butcher, cook it pink in the middle while enjoying the genuine flavours you would expect from a top restaurant with a minimum of hassle.


Authentic dishes

Our products are made complete with genuine Chinese ingredients including the fermented black beans, rice wine vinegar, oyster sauce, Sichuan pepper, toasted sesame seed oil, fermented broad beans, quality soy sauce and more. This allows for authentic tasting dishes without having to visit a Chinese shop and load your basket with an array of items.


Fresh ingredients

Products are made using an abundance of fresh ingredients including fresh parsley & coriander which are blended in house. Fresh ginger, garlic, chilies and more. This allows for creating a fresh tasting dish quickly without having to buy and chop all the individual ingredients.


Natural preservation

The preservation process takes advantage of the natural preservation properties of the ingredients such as rice wine vinegar, fermented salted beans etc which provides a decent shelf life for the fresh ingredients added.