Beef, onions & green peppers in black bean sauce


Tesouka Black bean sauce

500g of meat

Cooking oil: olive or sunflower or sesame seed oil, groundnut oil


Green peppers


Preparation guidelines

Cut 500g of meat in to bite size squares or strips and place in bowl. If using beef best to use a good quality cut, alternatively leave marinating overnight in the sauce.
Add the sauce to the meat, all of it so if you only have 250g of meat put half of it and so forth. Mix well in to the sauce and leave to sit for at least ten minutes, half an hour is preferable. At a little fresh ginger if you like although there is fresh ginger in the sauce so it is not necessary.
Separately cut 2 onions and 1-2 peppers in to bite sized cubes or strips. Mange tout is another option that goes well.
 Prepare some rice or noodles or whatever you prefer to have with it.
Pour some cooking oil in to a pan or wok, you can use a bit of sesame oil or groundnut oil to add extra flavour. Put on a high heat, when oil is hot add the vegetables and keep stirring on a maximum heat so they will single around the edges.Depending on how raw you like the vegetables, cook for a few minutes and then keeping on a maximum heat add the meat with the sauce. To brown the meat better remove the vegetables and then put back in again one minute before the end.
Stir on a maximum heat to avoid sticking. If stick you can some more oil or/ and a cup of hot water with about half a stock cube- beef stock for beef, chicken for chicken etc and keep stirring.
Cook until cooked through or with a good cut of beef, stop cooking while still pink in the middle. Add some fresh coriander if you have it
Extras: bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and bean sprouts go well
Alternative methods:
  1. Add the meat and sauce without the vegetables to have just sizzling meat as a dish (or just add onions)
  2. Instead of peppers try frying pieces of aubergine: the combination is very tasty !
  3. Try frying with mushrooms instead of peppers if you like mushrooms
  4. Try adding Pak Choi
  5. Liquid sauce version: some people like more liquid to soak in to the rice in which case: at the end,put a whole quality stock cube of the same flavour into 500ml of water, add hot water, stir until mixed. Pour the stock slowly while serving in to the pan until it has reached the liquid level you prefer.

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