Chicken, preserved lemon, garlic & coriander tagine

Chicken garlic & coriander tagine moroccan recipes preserved lemon


Chicken 100g per person

Green Olives (preferably Moroccan) 

Tagine paste: Lemon & Garlic 3 teaspoons per person

Moroccan preserved lemon paste 1 tea spoon per person

Moroccan harissa; Add to taste if you like spicy food



Fry chicken fillet pieces on full heat until well browned (about 5-8 mins). Add tagine paste (this includes all the spices balanced to flavour). Add the preserved lemon paste and the same with harissa to your taste. Add olives, sliced or unsliced. Turn the heat down and simmer for about 10 minutes while stirring now and again.
The juices from the chicken should be released and will mix with the paste and other ingredients to create a delicious sauce. 
This could be served in a decorative tagine...
Best served with couscous, rice or just eaten with bread...

Enjoy !

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  • Ray Graham on

    Hi. I have recently received 3 Morrocan Tagine pastes including Harrisa, Preserved Lemon and Garlic and Lemon paste. I want to make a Chicken Tagine this weekend so can you recommend a recipe or a link I could use for the best results. Many thanks. Ray.

  • Anne Wimer on

    This is so simple and absolutely delicious with couscous or rice

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